Reviews for Athensville's 2021 LP, "UNDRESSING MINDS FOR SHOW"

[T]he record that Athensville put out earlier this year, 'Undressing Minds For Show', is a stellar release, full of great hooks and layered tunes. It reminded me of things in my collection: Catherine Wheel, Live, the Tragically Hip, and more. Since the band had all of the pandemic to kick around mixes and refine the songs, it's a very accomplished, very intentional record...” - Dan Drago, Philadelphia's music podcast (see full review here)

Philly-based Athensville blend indie rock musicality with brilliantly addictive and passionate song-writing. Undressing Minds For Shows is a powerful full-length album, with an air of familiarity but a clear edge of fresh identity as well.” - Rebecca Cullen, Founder & Editor, Stereo Stickman

Stereo Stickman (read full review here)

Following up 2018’s Proper EP, this Philadelphia foursome...sound even more inspired and imposing on this debut LP.” - Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover

The Big Takeover (read full review here)

Each track has passion surging through it. Athensville have accomplished a complete and strong-willed album.” - Carl Maloney, Reyt Good Magazine, UK

RGM: Reyt Good Magazine (read full review here)

A wonderfully woven cross of 90's and classic rock with progressive undertones and a powerful sheen that comes with tons of heart. This record has guts and color, soul and passion, and the whole thing feels alive and breathing. Guitars swimming in watery effects, deep grooves, and a gusto that gives off a youthful energy and a mature songwriting style. The album provides so many hooks and heavy handed choruses it’s almost too much to keep up with.”

The Sounds Won't Stop (read full review and interview here)

Reviews for Athensville's 2018 EP, "PROPER"

Big, bold, better radio alterna-rock still has an uplifting side, and Athensville are feeling that gravity's pull.” - Jack Rabid

The Big Takeover

This debut... superbly... catalogues a journey whereby new wave morphed into jangle-pop... windswept atmospherics... surreptitiously infusing the sort of beautifully effusive indie-rock jangle and booming post-punk bass lines...All of which are held together by vocals that indulge the theatrics of Ian McCulloch and the slightly distant 'difference' of David Bowie's voice... Incredibly beguiling... multiple subtle hooky riffs and a chorus the listener will remember...This is the sound of a band not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves and indeed doing them immense justice. ”

Jangle Pop Hub

Ardmore based Athensville brings a retro-90s indy-alternative sound to the Philadelphia region. Fresh off of their studio release, Proper, band members discuss with host Bill McGeeney their 90s REM inspiration, share a tale of working the set of Baywatch, and tells us what it's like to record with 2 time Grammy Winning Producer, Glen Barratt at Morning Star Studios. Enjoy two full songs in this podcast, including 'And We Fell' and 'Something Real.' The Original Slacker Podcast is presented by Round Guys Brewing Company. Athensville performs their first show at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company on January 19th.” - Bill McGeeney

The Original Slacker Podcast