Next Show. December 12. The Oakmont Pub.
Havertown. 9:00.  H-CAN Fundraiser. 

athensville 2016

About the Band

Athensville consists of two musicians, two guitars, and two microphones. Long sets, short breaks, witty banter. 

Upcoming Shows

Past Events.

December 8. Upstairs at the Grape Room is our new favorite place to be. Thanks Scooter! Hope we can be back soon.

November 18. Thanks for staying through the tech difficulties! 

September 28. Brehon Society. 

September 23. Athensville Loves The Dude Hates Cancer.  Great cause, great venue.  

September 16.  Fun night at Fergie's!  New friends, old friends. New music, old music...

August 12. Grape Room. Main Stage.

Our Sound

Remember College Music? How about 120 Minutes? Or rewinding cassettes with a pencil? We do. 

Bringing you alternative music from yesterday and today.
R.E.M., The Smiths, The Pixies, Midnight Oil, U2, The Replacements, Billy Bragg, Radiohead, James, Sinead O'Connor, Glasvegas, Travis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Shins, The Waterboys and more. 

Your mix tapes miss you.