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The Original Slacker Podcast

Ardmore based Athensville brings a retro-90s indy-alternative sound to the Philadelphia region. Fresh off of their studio release, Proper, band members discuss with host Bill McGeeney their 90s REM inspiration, share a tale of working the set of Baywatch, and tells us what it's like to record with 2 time Grammy Winning Producer, Glen Barratt at Morning Star Studios. Enjoy two full songs in this podcast, including 'And We Fell' and 'Something Real.' The Original Slacker Podcast is presented by Round Guys Brewing Company. Athensville performs their first show at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company on January 19th.

The Big Takeover

"Big, bold, better radio alterna-rock still has an uplifting side, and Athensville are feeling that gravity's pull."

Jangle Pop Hub

"This debut... superbly... catalogues a journey whereby new wave morphed into jangle-pop... windswept atmospherics... surreptitiously infusing the sort of beautifully effusive indie-rock jangle and booming post-punk bass lines...All of which are held together by vocals that indulge the theatrics of Ian McCulloch and the slightly distant 'difference' of David Bowie's voice... Incredibly beguiling."
".. multiple subtle hooky riffs and a chorus the listener will remember..."
"This is the sound of a band not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves and indeed doing them immense justice."

ATHENSVILLE on the Radio in Newcastle, England

Firesquid Alternative and Indie Music Blog - Philadelphia

Proper is the first EP from the Philadelphia band Athensville. This release is packed full of strong, inspiring songwriting. I hear the influence of R.E.M. and Radiohead in their music, and... some Alt-rock vibes. 
The opening track "And We Fell" is a minor-key, sweeping ballad. It draws you in... (and) is full of brooding energy. The second track, "A Bucketful to Sift" continues the awesome melodic songwriting, and ramps up the emotion to ten. On this track vocalist Matthew Taglang invokes the sound of Michael Stipe. The phrasing and throaty delivery is strikingly similar to Stipe's style. One of the hidden weapons on this track are the eerie backing vocals, which truly darken the mood on the verses.
The third track, "Going Not Leaving", really showcases the band's alt-country side. For me, it evokes images of sprawling American plains and open wilderness. The Edge-esque guitars here sound positive and promising. Overall this is easily the brightest song yet. Gone is the thick, gloomy mood of the previous tracks. This is great song order positioning as the brooding needed a rest and "Going Not Leaving" comes in with bright skies and sunny fields.
The next song "Something Real" continues the U2-influenced guitar work. It sounds huge and expansive, with an ethereal wall of guitars coming in for the chorus.
The closing track "Sepulveda Sunset" does a nice job of concluding the album. Another minor-key ballad, the mood here is haunting. This sort of slow, moody song isthe best way to close an album... Reminds me of what R.E.M. did with "Country Feedback", which is maybe one of the best album closers of all time...
Sonically, Athensville is a mix of modern, expansive U2-esque alt-rock sounds and alt-country. This band has brought back the sounds of the greatest alternative bands, many of whom if still alive have abandoned their sounds and their pure songwriting. Athensville's members have a great ear for alternative music, and apply their influences tastefully and with poise. For fans of classic alternative, this should be a great listen!

All The Time I Was Listening To My Own Wall Of Sound - Newcastle, UK

Over the course of five tracks, Athensville showcase the sound of a strong band who have focused on five strong songs.   Musically, their sound is akin to bands such as Buffalo Tom, Feeder, R.E.M., with a good dose of originality as well. There are no weak tracks on this EP, they all have their own identity but without varying too much to cause any confusion on their overall sound.  Athensville deal in melancholic Alternative Rock, with a slightly nostalgic atmosphere (which) suits the music perfectly.  ...favourites are “Something Real” and "And We Fell", but each track is a little gem.  It speaks to me in a way that harkens back to when I was young, I was always an Alternative Rock kid and this slots right into that part of my mind.  Definitely a band I would recommend you check out.

4.5 out of five – This is really good, well worth checking out.

Underdog Fanzine - Doetlingen, Germany

"Proper brings driving rhythms and shimmering guitars providing the foundation for original lyric lines, piano accents, and subtle harmonies.  After four months of hard work in the studio, the product is a neo-pop album with loads of U2-like guitar sounds in complex and epic alternative rock."

"Proper bringt treibende Rhythmen und schillernde Gitarrenmelodien hervor, die Grundlagen für originelle Gesangslinien, Klavierakzente und subtile Harmonien bilden. Vier Monate Aufnahmezeit und harte Arbeit. Heraus gekommen ist ein Neo Pop-Album mit viel U2-Gitarren-Sound sowie komplexer und epischer Alternative Rock Musik."

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